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Computer in Apple TV series "Severance"

Category: Television   — Published by goeszen on March 12, 2022 at 8:13 pm

Computer terminal in Severance
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Did you notice the great looking retro-futuristic personal computer terminals in Ben Stiller's 2022 Apple TV drama series "Severance" and asked yourself if they are "made up" designs by some art director or if these are real actual computer models from back in the days?

Well, the answer is:

These are Data General Nova 2 Terminals, which you can check out in further detail here at the computer museum.
The Nova 2 model looks similar to the Data General Dasher 6053 terminal (pictures), but sits on this distinct yoke or cardan type universal join gimbal thing - instead of a central swivel.

The keyboard looks similar to a "space cadet" design but I've got no specific model info here.

In context of the show, the machines do have a retro design but in terms what they are capable of are more contemporary computers, with a graphical user interface and such. The on screen aesthetics were only dialed back to give more of a "back then" impression, which is somewhat reminiscent of Gattaca, and are rounded of by the CRT tube technology etc. Apparently the actors aren't really working on an old operating system, like DOS or even more obscure, Data General's own OS "RDOS" from the 1970s.

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